Filippo Fasser - Liutaio

Filippo Fasser, Liutaio
Concert violins, violas and cellos


Filippo Fasser is a professional violin maker since 1992 working in the heart of Brescia, Italy.

Member of the Experts Register at Court of Brescia and Chamber of Commerce of Brescia.

He was born in Salò, near Brescia, on August 20th 1967. He attended the Violin Making International School of Cremona, where he graduated from in 1998.

He makes violins, violas and cellos in limited number that he mostly sells to remarkable musicians and international dealers.

For his work he draws inspiration from the great violin makers who had worked in the area between Lombardia and Veneto, as well as off Cremona, from 1600 to the early 1900 (Gasparo da Salò, Gio Paolo Maggini, Pietro Giacomo Rogeri, Matteo Gofriller, Pietro Guarneri da Venezia, Francesco Mantegazza, Stefano Scarampella, etc.)

Filippo Fasser in his atelier In 2000, with some friends of his (musicians, musicologists and fellows), he founded the Officina Musicale, an association that organizes musical, artistic and cultural events with the aim of art and science of violin making promotion. Since May 2000 Officina Musicale has been setting up the “Concerto in Movimento” as well as many other shows.

In October 2002, with Eric Blot, he set up the exhibition Stefano Scarampella - Music and violin making Art in Brescia in the 19th Century.

In 2003, with Eric Blot, Duane Rosengard and Tiziano Rizzi, he took care of the list of instruments the property of “Civiche Collezioni of Comune di Brescia” stored in Santa Giulia Museum.

In Fall 2005 he took care of the exhibition setting up “Storia di una viola” (A viola’s history) with his colleague F. Lowemberger, on behalf of Provincia di Brescia.

In 2007, with Eric Blot and Chris Reuning, he conceived and coordinated the exhibition “Gio Paolo Maggini – secoli di dettagli”, on behalf of Provincia di Brescia.

In 2012 he moved his workshop in the new location, where, near the Workshop, with the architect Antonio Gardoni opens Officina da Camera, a place where to organize little meetings, expositions, concerts.

Filippo Fasser | 27/06/2022