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Les prochains rendez-vous automne 2014

Publié le 19-09-2014

100 cellos in Milan, may 2014

Publié le 09-04-2014

[video] Antonio Meneses plays his cello made by Filippo Fasser

Publié le 30-01-2014

Nouveau cello Gasparo da Salò

Publié le 12-11-2013

Jsima Stringed Instrument Fair 2013, Tokyo

Publié le 28-10-2013

July 1-7, 2013: Concert violas, violins, cellos - exposition in Desenzano del Garda

Publié le 13-06-2013

Moscow - VII Yuri Bashmet International Viola Competition

Publié le 15-01-2013

20th anniversary

Publié le 27-11-2012

New atelier

Publié le 15-11-2012

Giuseppe Pedrazzini Violin, a vendre (VENDU)

Publié le 09-09-2012

Stringed Instrument Fair 2011

Publié le 28-10-2011

Cremona Mondomusica 2011

Publié le 23-09-2011

Nouveau cello Petrus Santo Maggini

Publié le 28-03-2011

Calendrier 2011

Publié le 14-12-2010

Concerto in movimento 2010

Publié le 06-10-2010

Une alto pour Bashmet

Publié le 16-09-2010

Cremona Mondomusica et Concert in movement 2010

Publié le 07-09-2010

7th-15th august in the Paneveggio wood park, where the spruce for the violins grows

Publié le 28-07-2010

Nouveau alto Gio Paolo Maggini 415 mm

Publié le 28-05-2010

Calendrier 2010

Publié le 12-12-2009

Nouveau alto Gio Paolo Maggini

Publié le 08-12-2009

Interview: Concerto in Movimento

Publié le 05-11-2009

Photographies: Mondomusica et Concerto in movimento 2009

Publié le 02-11-2009

Nouveau violoncelle Rogeri

Publié le 28-05-2009

Chi suona lì dentro?

Publié le 14-04-2009

Musicora 2009

Publié le 20-03-2009

Thanks to Luca Ranieri and a viola built by Filippo Fasser Yuri Bashmet can continue his concert

Publié le 02-02-2009

Sgarabotto Violin, on sale (SOLD)

Publié le 23-01-2009

Benigno Saccani Violin, Milano 1909 on sale (SOLD)

Publié le 23-01-2009

Violin Society of America Competition - médaille d'argent

Publié le 10-10-2008

1520-1724 Liutai in Brescia

Publié le 10-10-2008

Filippo Fasser sur RAI International

Publié le 08-10-2008

Photographies: Mondomusica et Concerto in movimento 2008

Publié le 07-10-2008

A vendre: alto Gaetano Sgarabotto 1928 - Parma (VENDU)

Publié le 06-08-2008

Interview: preview of the book for the Maggini exhibition

Publié le 07-07-2008

Cremona Mondomusica et Concert in movement 2008

Publié le 02-07-2008

Nouveau alto Maggini

Publié le 20-06-2008

Violon Gasparo da Salò

Publié le 09-04-2008

Musicora 2008

Publié le 05-02-2008

Video: presentation de l'atelier

Publié le 27-01-2008

Calendrier 2008

Publié le 28-12-2007

Photographies: Mondomusica 2007

Publié le 25-10-2007

Cremona Mondomusica et Concert en Mouvement 2007

Publié le 12-09-2007

Idylwild Arts Summer Festival

Publié le 16-07-2007

A vendre: alto Pietro Sgarabotto 1938 (VENDU)

Publié le 05-04-2007

Images: Musicora 2007

Publié le 05-04-2007

Musicora 2007

Publié le 06-02-2007

Gio Paolo Maggini in Brescia: centuries of details

Publié le 19-12-2006

Photographies: Mondomusica 2006

Publié le 10-10-2006

Dèdiè à Pietro Giacomo Rogeri  le calendrier 2007

Publié le 29-09-2006

Un nuovo strumento per facilitare il tuo lavoro

Publié le 27-09-2006

Cremona Mondomusica et Concert in movement 2006

Publié le 12-09-2006

Le nouveau calendrier 2006

Publié le 28-11-2005

Photographies: Mondomusica 2005

Publié le 12-10-2005

Cremona Mondomusica et Concert in movement 2005

Publié le 28-06-2005

A vendre violon Giuseppe Nonini 1975 (VENDU)

Publié le 07-06-2005

A vendre alto Antonio Capela 1969 (VENDU)

Publié le 07-06-2005

Concert en Mouvement - Paris, 29 mai 2005

Publié le 10-04-2005

Après sept années, voici le nouveau violon inspiré par Antonio Stradivari

Publié le 06-01-2005

Dèdiè à Stefano Scarampella le calendrier 2005

Publié le 06-01-2005

Photographies: Mondomusica 2004

Publié le 02-11-2004

Cremona: il successo del Concerto in movimento 2004

Publié le 18-10-2004

Participation in Cremona Mondomusica

Publié le 12-09-2004

New Baroque Weeks Festival

Publié le 07-09-2004

Program of the concert in movement 2004

Publié le 01-09-2004

Concert in movement 2004

Publié le 12-07-2004

Concert in movement 2004


RadiotreOfficina Musicale presents, in collaboration with Radiotre, the new edition of the Concert in movement for bowed instruments and contemporary violin making art, that will be held in Cremona on October 8, 2004, within Cremona Mondomusica, Italy's annual tradeshow of handcrafted musical instruments and violin making accessories.

Radiotre will broadcast the live concert on October 8, 2004 at 12:00 A.M.

This year's concert will feature the cellist Mario Brunello and the string trio of the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI: Alessandro Milani (violin), Luca Ranieri (viola), and Pierpaolo Toso (cello).

Rivolta - woods for musical instrumentsThe concert, sponsored by Rivolta, will present a chamber music section, for string trio, and a section devoted to the cello, according to the theme chosen for this year's edition of Cremona Mondomusica.

The events organized within Cremona Mondomusica 2004 include an exhibition of original Stradivari cellos, a concert by Mstislav Rostropovich, and a cello masterclass given by Rocco Filippini.

The Concert in movement

The concert was conceived in 2000 by a group of violin makers, and it quickly gained the appreciation of the audience. It is not a competition among musicians, nor an acoustical test of the contemporary violin making production, but a real concert, animated by the switch of instruments while the music is being played.

The public has the opportunity to assist to a double performance, or in fact to a double birth: the instrument just built by the violin maker, and the music just written by the composer, both created to emphasize the skills and sensibility of the performer.

This is the eighth edition of the event, after Paris Musicora 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and Cremona 2002, 2003.

Previous participants include:

Voyez également: Program of the concert in movement 2004

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